Warning for Entrepreneurs: Avoid The Trap of Idea Overwhelm

Today, we are going to tackle the most common problem for any entrepreneur or a business owner. You have way too many ideas and don’t know which one to pursue so you do what every well-meaning smart person would do: You put all of them on hold until further research and analysis.

You have enthusiasm, you have determination, you have guts, and you want to do great things. Your heart is in the right place, and you embrace entrepreneurship with open arms. Except you are a little stuck.

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Which of Your Great Business Ideas to Pursue?

You tell yourself that you obviously need a road map to success. You need to know which idea is going to fail and which will succeed and you want an “expert” tell you this in explicit terms. That way, you only pick the ‘successful’ idea because nobody likes to waste time failing, least of all you.

Failing: What a silly thing to do on your path to the big great success. Others might have to fail, and that’s too bad, you have compassion for them, you totally want to learn from their failures but you would rather be safe and totally avoid that whole ‘failure’ mess if you can help it.

So you wait and wait and then you wait some more, all the while, time is ticking away. You invest in classes and courses and you hire consultants and coaches and you even get into the habit of running your idea by others, anybody that is willing to listen. You call it research and data gathering mode and carry on with it.

The Good News and the Bad News about Ideas

Say you want to build your own website, and you have ideas about layout, branding, positioning, content strategy and target market, and because there are so many options for each, you go into an indefinite research mode on which to use, pros and cons, pricing and people’s opinions on each, and you never finish building out the website!

The more you do this with your ideas, the more confused you get because the randomness of the feedback is a little overwhelming. Your uncle is totally against your most popular idea, but your brother who runs startups for fun has “guaranteed” that the idea your uncle just voted for is old-fashioned and will not go anywhere. Your mother has her eyes on a different idea altogether because it suits your personality, and your coach is having you do exercises to figure out which idea you are more passionate about.

Yes, I too am a business coach and I put my clients through that and more rigorous exercises, absolutely, but I am also about to tell you what I tell clients in my coaching sessions, and this part is the most important part of all so pay attention here.

I have the usual dreaded good news and bad news scenario and I will choose which to give you first: the bad news:

Having 97 great business ideas, all of which impress at least some of your friends and a few strangers, is not a big deal. Having more fresh new exciting business ideas coming to you during your morning shower does not make you an entrepreneur – or a penny richer for that matter. Ideas alone, brilliant as they may be, do not in anyway shape or form put you at an advantage from a business or entrepreneurship perspective.

That was the bad news.
You are still special, and I love having you as a reader, and the good news is coming so hang on.

The good news is that the minute you start doing something about any one of those ideas, even the stupidest, dumbest, simplest and most outlandish and sure-to-fail one, is your turning moment on many, many levels.

That step in the process, the step that takes you from thinking to doing, can change everything, regardless of outcome.

It’s All In the Act of Doing

Why? Because …

It’s in the doing that you strike the gold …or rule out the possibility of finding it on this path and that path.

It’s in the doing that you really set yourself apart from the thinkers or the idea-boasters out there.

It’s In the doing that your idea will have some value – large or small – to another human being, or thousands.

It’s in the doing that you walk your talk and start seeing what actually works and what doesn’t.

This knowledge only comes to you in the doing. No expert, no matter what their status, can predict how a business idea will really turn out, and that’s why an idea is worthless until you do something with it.

So pick an idea, and run with it. Have some confidence. You gotta start with one idea or you might as well not have it in the first place, because it serves you no good to just tell it over and over. It is only valuable when you do something about it.

Think it through? Sure.
Research and learn about it? Totally.
Investigate the pros and cons? Would be good.
Run it by your trusted circle, if they get that kind of thinking? Definitely.
Oh and have more than a remote interest and curiosity in it, even if it’s not a full-blown passion? Yes please.

But sit on it for weeks and months and even years? No! Please do not make this mistake. Nobody will offer to buy out your idea or pay you lots of money because you thought it up.

Remember, you will have nothing to show for it, if you don’t pursue any of your ideas but if you do, there are two possible outcomes:
– It makes it.
– It doesn’t make it.

Either way, it’s really not that scary. The scary to me is when you don’t pursue any idea and never find out what could’ve been.

In the world of business, ideas are dirt cheap. It is those who walk their talk, who put themselves out there, who stand up and say: “This is who I am and this is what I created from my idea.” that win the game. Be one of them. Pick up and idea and run with it already!

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Everyone has cancer cells in the body! Cancer attacked with 3 tips

Colon cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, female breast cancer top cancer in Chinese, if black stool, chronic cough not work out dark brown urine, jaundice, touch a breast lump, they found cancer, usually higher.
Whether early detection of cancers, are related to cancer‘s growth location. Colorectal cancer first name, for example, is a clan of large intestine, ascending thick pipe diameter closest to the small intestine, after the transverse colon, the descending colon, sigmoid, rectum, pipe diameter to narrow. If colorectal cancer is in close proximity to the anus and rectum, it is easy to see when there is blood in the stool or colon morphological changes, if the patient is alert, exception will be easier to see; but if the tumor is in the tube diameter and thick ascending colon, usually grow quite large, have a chance to detect discomfort.
Don’t overlook personal medical history: hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, suffering from liver cancer
About 90% is the gland by tumorpolyps, progress into the colon, now, whether using physical examination of fecal occult blood test or further colonoscopic examination, no symptoms of colon polyps, colon cancer, through early detection, reduce mortality rates. Including breast cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer, also has a good screening tools, even the use of x rays in the past cannot be effective screening of lung cancer, after the use of lowdose computed tomography, early detection of abnormalities.
Of course, will get cancer, family history, personal history, plays a very important role, like breast cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer is associated with family history of cancer. Who have chronic hepatitis b, hepatitis c and cirrhosis patients with higher risk of liver cancer; patients with infection with the human papilloma virus, a greater chance of suffering from cervical cancer in the future; gastric Helicobacter pylori infection, eat the pickled foods are associated with gastric cancer, are paying more attention to related diseases treatment and regular health screening.
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Eat these fruits and vegetables can prevent esophageal cancer

One of the high incidence of esophageal cancer is a malignant tumor, the causes of esophageal cancer more and are more complex. Diet and esophageal cancer is crucial to a good diet can reduce the incidence of esophageal cancer, then, how should it be prevent esophageal cancer? These fruits and vegetables to eat right to effective prevention and treatment of esophageal cancer, come and have a look!


Pears: pears with fluid action such as dryness, heat and phlegm, and has some anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect, suitable for consumption in patients with esophageal cancer, especially in patients with advanced symptoms can reduce the effect.


Apples: Apples contain a substance called polyphenols, has a good effect on cancer cell proliferation, and apples are rich in fiber, vitamin c and potassium, can update the intestinal capacity resist cancer-causing substances, promote their excretion; apricot, has a killing effect on cancer cells, so the patient can eat.


Hawthorn: can help patients digest food, containing maslinic acid, fructose and vitamin and other nutrients.


Grapes: Qi diuresis in blood, in addition to annoying thirst, stomach function, containing resveratrol prevents normal cells become cancerous, especially for patients with esophageal carcinoma is more useful, it is recommended that patients with more food.


Berry fruits: blueberries, Brazil berries, raspberries and cranberries in these kinds of berries and fruits are rich in phytonutrients, phytochemicals is effective in preventing cancer substances. Brazil Berry active ingredients can kill medium inside cells; containing compounds in blueberries can make liver cancer cell death; Cranberry has an important role against ovarian cancer.
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Anti-cancer diet to attention from anti-

Cancer is the most feared disease, now refers to cancer two words will be chilled, cancer and not many examples of relief and rescue. In order not to suffer from cancer, must be prepared to protect this line, in fact, cancer is the most simple six words, preventing cancer from oral as long as attention to diet, cancer will stay away from you. How do that everyday life anti-cancer?
World Cancer Research Fund has published a cancer prevention advice, among them, the eat more vegetables, less meat has been widely recognized by cancer experts. Expert advice for people who love to eat meat, red meat intake to less than 500 grams per week, eating processed meat as little as possible; eating white meat is best limited to 50-100 grams or less per day, eat 2-4 times a week.
In addition, salt and salted foods may increase the incidence of gastric cancer, eating better not more than 5 g of salt per person per day. Especially be careful around you hidden salt. For example, supermarket food, potato chips, instant noodles with high salt content. When eating out, food with high salt content also lets you unstoppable, especially northerners eat Braised dishes, stews, duck soup, etc.
Want to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits
Every day eat 400-800g vegetables, fruits, 20% can decreased the risk of cancer, eating 5 or 5 or more fruits and vegetables. Scientific project manager Dr Rachel qieer·tangpusen World Cancer Research Fund recommends several of the most effective anti-cancer fruits and vegetables: tomatoes can reduce the risk of prostate cancer; broccoli, cabbage and bean sprouts to reduce the chance of suffering from cancer of the digestive system; strawberries, onions, garlic inhibits tumor growth in components.
Rotten boiled, cooked
In addition to fresh fruits, vegetables, other food should be boiled, cooked. Italy, a study found that beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein are not afraid of cooking rather than raw can protect the body from cancer cell invasion. Particularly rich in carotenoids, carrots, tomatoes, and broccoli and cruciferous vegetables.
United Kingdom Food Research Centre Su·suosen said: the absorption of carotenoids from raw carrots is approximately 3% to 4%, after the boil or mash them, absorption of carotenoids may increase four or five times, cooking can help dissolve. West of orchids, for example, heated to 60 degrees the best, can maximize its anticancer activity, reducing the risk of esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, gallbladder cancer and the risk of skin cancer.
Take the following principles:
Principle one: food diversification
Food diversification, mainly in plant foods, should represent more than 2/3 meals, vegetable diet should include fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains.
Principle II: weight control
Avoid overweight or underweight adults to limit weight gain to 5kg, being overweight or obese may easily lead to risk of endometrial cancer, increased risk of renal cell carcinoma, colorectal.
Principle three: do not eat burnt food
Grilled fish, roast meat gravy should be avoided when burned. Directly on the fire grilled fish, meat and Bacon only occasionally eaten. Best boiled, steamed, fried foods.
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Four liquids inside the human body can fight cancer

Blood, urine, saliva, emulsion, is the four fluids of the human body, we is no stranger to the four liquid. However, many people may not know, the four liquid also has anti-cancer effect is perfect.
Blood. Blood t lymphocytes, b lymphocytes and macrophages is resist, restrain and kill cancer cells.
Particularly t-lymphocytes, which can not only kill cancer cells directly, and stimulated by Antigen, can release of seven anti-tumorrelated lymphokines, such as lymphotoxin factor and promote lymph cell division, migration inhibitory factor, chemotactic factors, macrophageactivating factor.
B lymphocytes produce immunoglobulin and antibody against cancer cells, in particular serve to antiIgM antibodies to cancer cells and inhibited. Macrophages are Phagocytic cells and digested it, cytotoxicity by killing cancer cells.
Saliva. Human saliva is a natural anti-cancer agent, has the function of carcinogens into harmless substances.
Studies show that saliva secreted by the body strengthen as you chew carcinogenic n-nitroso compounds, Aspergillus flavus element, benzopyrene and alkylating agents, smoke, burnt oil, meat, heat treated glutamate sodium, can cause them to cell variation of the original lost in 30 seconds. Meanwhile, the detoxification function of chemical and food additive toxicity.
Emulsion. United States Academy of Sciences scholars believe that breast milk is not only advanced nutrition for babies, and contains a variety of immune globulin, strengthens the baby immunity and reduce the risk of cancer in the future.
Meanwhile, normal breastfeeding women can reduce their chances of developing breast cancer. Studies have shown that nursing for a year or more of normal women, 50% lower incidence of breast cancer than other women.
Urine. Japan scholars from the urine of healthy people, yield an anti-cancer substancemade up of three proteins proliferation factor, this substance on mouse cancer cells and cervical cancer cells are inhibited.
In addition, urokinase derived from human urine, can enhance the anti-cancer drug.
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Cough care in lung cancer

First coughing, it is the earliest and most common symptom of lung cancer patients. Because of the onset is often similar to a cold or bronchitis, so easily overlooked. So, where in the past people without chronic respiratory diseases, especially those over the age of 40, after aggressive treatment, coughing for more than three weeks, and required further examination. As for patients with senile chronic bronchitis, the incidence of lung cancer is higher than the average, but the early symptoms of cough is often easily confused with existing chronic cough, and consequent delay in diagnosis of the situation very much. Must pay attention to the law of nature and cough cough changes. Because patients with Lung Cancer Carcinoma bronchial mucosa irritation, often irritating cough cough cough, sputum and play less inconsistent with the four seasons of the original pattern, with positive anti-infective therapy, anti-seen worse.
Coughing up blood is a common symptom of lung cancer the second. Often because of cancer caused by violations of the bronchial mucosa. Hemoptysis generally small, often blood tinged sputum can last for weeks, months or intermittent seizures. Because of the small amount of hemoptysis or intermittent, liable to negligence. In fact, middle age to prevent bloodtinged sputum, some 1/4 are caused by lung cancer. Therefore, when there is unexplained blood in sputum, not inattention.
Chest pain, accounted for more than half of patients with lung cancer, particularly in peripheral lung cancer and chest pain as the first symptom. That is due to cancer caused by pleural infiltration. Chest pain is often fixed on the lesion, early mostly intermittent pain discomfort. Changing body position, deep breathing and coughing may make it worse. Therefore, where the cause is unknown and there are fixed parts of chest pain should check ahead.
In short, cough, coughing up blood, chest pain is an important signal of lung cancer, especially for over 40 years, and people who have a history of smoking, long-term, should think of lung cancer more likely.
Lung cancer is diagnosed, treated, molecular targeted therapy is a recent addition to traditional therapies, a new way to treat lung cancer, it directs blocking the transfer of cancer cell proliferation signaling and cancer cell metabolism, or blocking tumor blood vessel formation, blood and nutrient supply to stop cancer. Some targeted therapy for lung cancer drugs such as erlotinib had entered China, and proven drugs can bring a survival benefit for patients with advanced lung cancer.
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Microwave ovens heat food cause cancer

Life you may need in the microwave oven, because it‘s so convenient: we used to heat milk, steamed rice, or even grilled chicken wings. However, rumors about the microwave oven has not stopped, popular science background, China successively received the netizens questions, microwave really so terrible? Let us look at article-by-article analysis!
Microwave heating of food creates carcinogens?
Studies have shown that at 200 above cooking temperatures, proteins are easy to produce heterocyclic amine carcinogens, fats produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons carcinogenic. If the 300 c, it will produce more harmful substances. Therefore, the control of carcinogens in cooking is the key to lowering the cooking temperature. Due mainly to water molecules when microwave cooking as the heat conducting medium, in the case of contains a lot of water, temperature not exceeding 100 , let alone reached more than 180 . Just saying, is not below 200 heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons carcinogenic. So, if it’s not overheating, Center right, but may reduce the chance of carcinogens.
The only exception, is steamed rice amount of acrylamide in food. Studies have found that using microwave oven steamed rice, the acrylamide content of the common pot several times. Although this number is still far lower than the amount of fried food, but also attracted the attention of researchers. Speculate that the reason for this may be because when heated gelatinization of starch grains in rice, due to the outer wrapper and rice starch granules of the limitations on, the heat time came, so that local temperatures, the overheating. In view of this, heated in the microwave oven is cold, cold porridge, like steamed rice or another way.
Microwaves Cook food nutrition?
Most of the ingredients are heat can become a food. No matter what, nutritional ingredients contained in a high temperature environment will be lost. Scientific studies have proven that, because microwaves heat provided by quick heating, high efficiency, in the case of heating to the same temperature, time will be shorter than cooked food. Therefore, the destruction of microwave heating on food nutrition and occasionally less than conventional cooking methods.
However, this is not to say that microwave cooking is perfect. It not very suitable for water and fatty foods, and foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids. However, microwave heating not Omega-3 fatty acids most of the cooking method, frying method frying and even greater losses.
Microwave ovens heat food is heated unevenly, vulnerable after the consumption?
When heating and defrosting food, because food and irregular shape, prone to uneven heating. But that does not blame the microwave oven. Even ordinary cooking a whole chicken in pot or in a steamer, it is impossible to achieve uniform heating in a short time. We all know, in the common pot when heating food, foods should be cut into smaller pieces to heat evenly and when heated in the microwave oven, you need to put food into a flat plane, which is most conducive to uniform heating.
With these scientific interpretation and believe the rumors proved unfounded. For the sake of safety, be sure to read the instructions carefully before using appliance, to avoid danger due to improper use. In addition, I also ask you to tell their parents and friends right knowledge through scientific insights to explain the problems encountered in life.
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Do you know? This kind of food can cause nasopharyngeal carcinoma of the upper body

Speaking people in nasopharyngeal carcinoma may be North of unfamiliar, because people suffering from this disease mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi and Fujian province and other regions. It also belongs to our high incidence of a type of cancer incidence of facial features of nasopharyngeal carcinoma tumors that occur in the totals. Apart from family reasons, geographical reasons and virus infections, food is also an important factor leading to the onset of nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
Today, we and everybody to understand what kind of food can lead to nasopharyngeal carcinoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma the cause of regional, usually for nasopharyngeal carcinoma and how to prepare for them.
Do you know? This kind of food can cause nasopharyngeal carcinoma of the upper body
This made 2-7 times the increased incidence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Very curious about what kind of food does? Today, we have to say that this food was salted fish, salted fish, with its distinctive smell is loved by many, is called in ancient Chinese salted fish and abalone, and because this idiom can be derived from its distinctive smell is a bad environment. In regions such as Guangdong, salted fish has evolved into a specialty.
Salted fish causes cancer
Salted fish has proven to be one of the foods of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and some research suggests that people who love to eat salted fish 2-7 times higher risk of suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Salted fish causes nasopharyngeal cancer for two reasons.
Reason, nitrite
Fish in the salting process will produce nitrite, nitrite and fish protein decomposition product of the synthesis of amines with nitrosamines, which belongs to a powerful carcinogen, a large or long-term ingestion of this substance can cause cancer. While human nasopharyngeal carcinoma, gastric carcinoma, esophageal and liver cancer and related to such substances.
Reason two, mildew
Fish is a kind of connective tissue and loose less meat, bacteria easily along the loosely organized into the muscle. And easily hidden bacteria in their gills and internal organs, which leads to fish very perishable, and mildew. Red spots are mildew and salted fish, this spot is also known as the red.
Mildew and salted fish is not only causes nasopharyngeal cancer, which is mainly caused by bacteria, can also cause gastroenteritis, food poisoning, and so on.
In addition, high in salt and salted fish can lead to gastritis and gastric cancer, diabetes, asthma and upper respiratory tract infections.
Other causes of nasopharyngeal cancer diet
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma has some regional, such as folk will be called Guangdong tumor of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, but love to eat salted fish beyond this reason, nickelrich foods is also a factor.
According to a survey in Guangdong, in regions with a high incidence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma rice and water containing trace element nickel higher than in other regions, and also found in the hair of patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma high nickel content. Through animal experiments show that nickel on dimethylnitrosamineinduced promotes nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
In addition, nasopharyngeal cancer and genetics, race, viral infections and so on, usually presents a familial aggregation phenomena, such as father and son or brothers and sisters with nasopharyngeal cancer.
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Cancer cells most-favored ten words: hot, salted, pickled, oil

Recently, United States researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University study of 135,000 people, found that among the factors likely to cause cancers, lifestyle factors such as diet, smoking and exercise of the share accounted for 20%~40%. Previously published in natureaccording to a report in the journal of communication, changes in diet can reduce the risk of cancer. Obviously, cancer is closely related to diet, especially close to the following ten words.
Sugar. Some people say, it will nourish cancer cells, although this claim is inaccurate, but a high sugar diet are associated with cancer. Sweden scientists have tracked for up to 9 years to 80,000 people, found that excessive intake of sugar, sweet beverages, jams and other food increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. Sugar can lead to massive secretion of insulin, islet impaired, became one of the evoked potential factors of pancreatic cancer. United States researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center earlier this year found that in the typical Western diet, a lot of sugar intake may increase the risk of breast cancer and the risk of cancer to the lung metastases. Who recommended daily sugar intake should be controlled at 50 grams or less, preferably not more than 25 grams.
Hot. On June 15, issued by the International Agency for research on cancer, a new study shows, hot drinks (coffee, tea, etc) may lead to esophageal cancer, overheating and refers to the beverage temperature is above 65 . Need of special note are, drinking coffee, tea itself does not cause cancer, but don’t drink it too hot. Chinese people eat about hot, but the food of overheating can damage the mucosa of the esophagus. Over time, repeated chronic mucosal injury may lead to chronic inflammation, which increases the possibility of cancer. Epidemiological studies have found that love to drink tea, congee Chaoshan people, like big bowl of hot porridge in Taihang mountain area residents, often drinking hot tea with milk of Kazakhs in Xinjiang, is the high risk of esophageal and gastric Cardia adenocarcinoma. Is not recommended to eat hot food, drink boiled water and hot tea, best to cool a little before you drink it. Xiaolongbao, fried bun with filling foods to eat when you want to be careful.
Salty. Salt and cancer had relatives. Japan high incidence of gastric cancer, one of the main reasons is that too much intake of salt. Eating too much salt can lead to gastric mucosa barrier of chronic injury, so time will increase susceptibility to carcinogens, lead to gastric cancer. Food should be a light rather than salty, recommended daily intake should be less than 6 grams of salt, taking in food
Hidden salt, such as soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, spices, etc, are few. Eating heavy people, it is best to eat fruits rich in vitamin c, helps block the synthesis of carcinogenic n-nitroso compounds.
Pickled. Dried fish, fish sauce, bacon, sausage, pickles and other pickled foods distinct flavor, but these foods often contain large amounts of nitrate, will be converted to nitrite in the stomach, and then combine with amines in food into nitriteamine, is highly carcinogenic, can lead to digestive organs such as the stomach, intestines, pancreas cancer risk increased. A report by the United States for cancer research
According to a report published jointly with the World Cancer Research Fund, eating Bacon and other processed meats increases the lower abdomen cancer (colorectal cancer) risk. Eating 50 g of processed meat a day (the equivalent of a hot dog), will increase the risk of 18% of abdominal cancer. Most of these processed meats with pickled method. Try to eat fresh vegetables, meat, reducing the intake of preserved food.
Smoked. Summer we love to eat kebab, meat, smoked fish, smoked ham, dried beans and smoked foods are also popular. Smoked foods in the making, incomplete combustion of fuel polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons will produce large amounts of such substances, has the strength of different carcinogenic strong carcinogen benzopyrene is one of them. Regular roast beef, roast duck, roast lamb, smoked foods, risk of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer. In addition, the grilled food meat and animal food intake affects intestinal metabolism, increase the risk of bowel cancer.
Oil. Here the oil, on the one hand refers to the highfat foods. A study recently published in the journal nature showed that obesity, high fat and high calorie diet is the cause of many types of cancer risk factors. Intestinal stem cells in highfat diet may be driven by a surge, which reproduce indefinitely and differentiate into other cell types, easy to trigger intestinal tumors. Refers to the fried food on the other hand, such as dough, cake, tofu, fried polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons tend to produce. In particular repeatedly frying oil, carcinogens and more.
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Shoulder pain may be cancer sign

You guess what cancers are known as the King of cancers? Some people think that liver cancer is one of the most common cancers may be cited as the King of cancers. But we‘re going to talk about it, is more terrible than the liver. Now it has tried everything, still cannot go into treatment. And once got it, 100% is dead, so it was called King of cancers. In fact, I am sure you have heard of this cancer, is pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is terrible to say, its reasons and lots of food, lots of fat is related, is related to chronic pancreatitis.
Relationship between pancreatic cancer and obesity
You might have questions, someone will get pancreatic cancer? If obese people are more likely to get pancreatic cancer? If that happens, obese people will be heartbroken. But don’t worry, so far, cannot say pancreatic cancer and obesity, also, a lot of thin people suffering from pancreatic cancer.
We analyze the relationship between obesity and pancreatic cancer, cannot simply think the obesity risk of pancreatic cancer, is mainly look to digest FAT volume can pancreas accept? If a person eats food containing a lot of fat, it will increase the burden on the pancreas. Because the pancreas‘s function is to digest fat, if all day to fill it with fat, which means that it is the pancreas as slave labor, not only forcing it to do heavy work, and not let it rest, will inevitably cause the pancreas burden is too heavy, even on the pancreatic cancer. So there is no direct relationship between pancreatic cancer and obesity. Real reason is that eating too much fat, more than acceptable loading of the pancreas, and continue to eat too much fat, this formation is one of the main factors of pancreatic cancer.
Acute and chronic pancreatitis, acute pancreatitis to pancreatic cancer does not make much difference, but chronic pancreatitis is a basis for pancreatic cancer lesions.
Why pancreatic cancer can not detect
Now there are so many methods of medicine, why the early pancreatic cancer won’t be found?
First is to talk about, in the body of the pancreas located? In the body of the pancreas are not easy to find, because it hides in a corner, you can’t find it, but there are many organs encircled around it. Is hidden in the body of the pancreas on the back corner on the right side of the abdomen, stomach, duodenum, and kidney organs encircled, enclosed.
Because the location is hidden in the pancreas, pancreatic problems, using common methods are not easily detected. In other words, if you go to hospital for examination, the doctor felt untouchable. Bit can do about it? Ultrasound of the liver, gallbladder, spleen, and kidneys are very clear. But bpancreas, as these organs to see so clearly.
What method? Is to do the CT (NMR).
The initial symptoms of pancreatic cancer like PERIARTHRITIS
The initial symptoms of pancreatic cancer are not pain, but much like the shoulder, back a sense of heavy pulling and pain increases at night, long unresolved, as well as 1.1 point increase. This type of pain, do not think that is frozen shoulder regardless of it, be aware of possible pancreatic problems.
But then again, if you did both ultrasound and CT, found mass on the pancreas, also don’t think pancreatic cancer: I can’t live, this is the King of cancers, I couldn’t have lived for a year! With this in mind, give up treatment, this is wrong. Also have to think about, is not found on the pancreatic tumor, pancreatic cancer. We also encountered patients grew on pancreatic tumor, but only a benign tumor, surgery they cut it off, the patient still alive and well.
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